Moving your Fridge? Purchased a cot on OLX? Shifting houses? Stressed out just thinking about transport? We’ve all been there. I set aside 1 day to shift 3 suitcases, a TV and a mattress. Getting hold of reliable, convenient transportation in Bangalore is an obstacle course.

Hurdle # 1: Finding a mini truck.

There are a gazillion easier things to do.


Hurdle #2: The ‘Stand’ Fight.

Every driver in the mini truck stand wants your business. But only one Driver can emerge winner.


Hurdle #3: Crazy Pricing!

You probably have to break the bank to pay them


Hurdle #4 : Empty run on return

They consider it good ethics to bill you for the return journey that you never asked for.


Hurdle #5: Bargaining

The most stressful bit of hiring a mini truck.


Hurdle #6: Drivers get lost all the time

You explain the addresses repeatedly. Eventually, you give up and accompany them.


Hurdle #7: All pain, no gain

They quietly watch while you struggle to load the vehicle.

Help beg

Hurdle #8: Coordination

Co-ordinating is a pain. Don’t cry please.


Hurdle #9: Reliability

There’s a very good chance of something being stolen, right?


Hurdle #10: Invoices

“What is this invoice?”


Want to avoid the hurdles? Do you prefer a convenient way to move your goods? You should probably use Blowhorn. Now testing in Bangalore!
Written by Rishab Katrela

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