Internships typically aim to make a college student realise that there are things in life one can whine about that are deeper than horrible mess food and boring lectures. Well, got to live with that, I assume but the whining almost never gauges the dimensions there can be to the things one can do.

I had never worked, in the proper sense of the word, before joining Blowhorn as an intern. What did I learn? Well, to start with, I learnt how teams function. In my personal projects, I would use applications for teams like Slack and Trello, on peers’ recommendation and wonder why such elaborate tools would ever be needed. To me, everything looked pretty straightforward. Do your job, let everybody know, then move on to the next job. In reality, it’s a lot messier. So many things happen concurrently that it’s almost Zen-like for a person to keep his calm. Even more Zen-like to not mess things up once in awhile. (A feat achieved only by the CTO 😉 )

Blowhorn moves stuff, and not surprisingly, it itself moves fast. This is one of those things I had longed to see; that buzz of excitement that just hung in the office air, intoxicating everyone who stayed around in the office long enough. Everyday we walked into a room with high emotional entropy.

On one end were the Ops guys, making calls in and out. To me, they were always moving. I would see them rushing out the door at one time. After a while, they would storm back in, stay for a while. And then out they went, again.

On the other end was the Marketing team, the creative guys who I found to be working on new things everyday.

On the far end was the tech team of which I was a part, that looked serene from the outside but had its own activity brimming over in the virtual world.

These teams gave me a glimpse into how abstractions are actually implemented, what it really takes to justify the claims everybody seems to be making.

So, internships are supposed to make a student realise there are things to whine about deeper than the horrible mess food and boring lectures. Well, ours, made us realise one more thing- there are things, that can make all the things to whine about, seem trivial. Period.


Stay Awesome!


Written by Prateek

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