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Internships typically aim to make a college student realise that there are things in life one can whine about that are deeper than horrible mess food and boring lectures. Well, got to live with that, I assume but the whining almost never gauges the dimensions there can be to the things one can do. I had never worked, in the proper sense of the word, before joining Blowhorn as an intern. What did I learn? Well, to start with, I […]

10 reasons why your weekends get butchered…

Moving your Fridge? Purchased a cot on OLX? Shifting houses? Stressed out just thinking about transport? We’ve all been there. I set aside 1 day to shift 3 suitcases, a TV and a mattress. Getting hold of reliable, convenient transportation in Bangalore is an obstacle course. Hurdle # 1: Finding a mini truck. There are a gazillion easier things to do.   Hurdle #2: The ‘Stand’ Fight. Every driver in the mini truck stand wants your business. But only one Driver […]