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Spiderman, The bad idea

Just like many other kids from seventies, I have grown up reading superhero comics. Powerful graphics, captivating story-line and fascinating antagonists kept us busy all through the childhood. Never missed smart phones or tablets! World has changed and Spider Man has grown even bigger. Meanwhile my five year old son decided to unearth all the mysteries about Peter Parker and his strange transformation. Constant flow of unavoidable questions from a preschooler made me think. First time started looking at Spider […]

How to shift an Elephant?

There is a fundamental lifestyle shift happening in urban India. There are enormous range of products available to choose and people are not shy of enjoying the life to it’s fullest.  Indians are not constrained to buy from a small selection of products from a retail store. Those days are gone when merchants use to decide which product will stay on the shelf. Another fundamental change is that Indians don’t use products till end of the life-cycle anymore. Why would […]